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Marrying By Grace Kelly

Marrying By Grace Kelly She was a star, Hollywood star and her marriage to Prince Rainier III of Monaco is known as the first fairy tale marriage of the twentieth century. We are talking about Princess Gracia, of course: Grace Kelly. Read here how to provide your wedding anniversary with a touch of Hollywood glamour à la Grace.

The marriage of Hollywood actress Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III of Monaco is labelled as the first fairy tale marriage of the twentieth century. Moreover, their romance is rightly a fairytale. The couple met in 1955; the year Grace wins an Oscar for best actress in The Country Girl. While Grace is in an American delegation at the Cannes Film Festival, she receives an invitation by Prince Rainier for a photo shoot in his princess. The couple keeps in touch, falls in love and finally marries in 1956 in Monaco. Their marriage is a complete Hollywood production. For example, the dress is designed by Helen Rose, costumi√®re at MGM Studios, where Grace is an act…

Beautiful Wedding Costumes With Unique Flair

Beautiful Wedding Costumes With Unique Flair Eccentric, refined and elegant: these are the wedding clothes of Carlo Pignatelli. These are outfits for the groom who are best described by one word: the dandy. The 2017 collection is elegant, romantic and perfect for grooms with flair.

The name Carlo Pignatelli has been synonymous with high-quality craft and stylish masculinity for years. For the 2017 groom collection is played with traditions and the costumes are new interpretations of beloved classics. The Carlo Pignatelli collection consists of two lines: Ceremonia and Sartorial Wedding Collection. Discover what makes these collections so unique.
Cerimonia Collection The 2017 Ceremony Collection focuses on men who are watching out. Refined costumes with unique details and a close fit guarantee guaranteed for an unforgettable entry. This year the focus is on first lap and collar. From upstanding collars to scarves: there is a significant variation. Also in the collection are the classic…

Yes, Also for The Men: Handy Care Tips

Yes, Also for The Men: Handy Care Tips No, do not click right away, mister! Not only your beautiful bride, but you can also use some beauty and relaxation tips for the big day. However, then in a man proof way of course.
Wellness Believe us: Also, as a man, you should come to a wellness centre. Moreover, yes, with friends it is also very nice, relaxing a day and having fun in the sauna and the hot tub. In Finland, where the sauna was invented, all groups of friends are cosy together to sweat. Moreover, convenient: because of that heavy sweat and you lose much waste.

Hair stylist Your styling for the big day falls or stands with a right hairstyle. Therefore, think about how you want your hair at the wedding. The best is to go to the hairdresser for about seven days before the wedding. This way you have the time to get used to your new hair in style and put your hair on the big day itself, but does not look so cut off.
Beard Even more fun than going to the hairdresser is a visit to a hip …

Fashion Trends: Super Hip Groom For Your Wedding

Fashion Trends: Super Hip Groom For Your Wedding We love fashion! You as a wedding couple are likely too, but the choice for a marriage suit can be tough. For inspiration, we have therefore selected some great trends for you as a groom, which may make a decision a little easier.
1. Let's shave! Very popular among grooms: A barber shop visit to cut and shave their hair and beard. Just relax, after which your picture appears perfectly with your bride and on the wedding photos. 2. Smile, mica, glare Spotted for you: shiny fabrics! These give your suit a luxurious look. To show that you are the groom, choose a gilet with a separate print, colour or type of fabric. 3. Skinny pants Slim posture? Go for skinny pants! It is also hip in the groom fashion, and you can wear a sweater, shirt or blazer after your wedding. 4. Puike print The print is the new black! From flower to death head prints; just what you like. For example, Cleofe Finati at Archetipo has a broad range of print packages. …

Amazing Bridesmaids For Your Wedding

Amazing Bridesmaids For Your Wedding Of course, such a beautiful day as your wedding, you want to share with your sisters and girlfriends. Do not just invite them, but go one step further and ask them to fulfil the significant role of bridesmaid. Cute, practical and very fashionable.
Traditionally, the bridesmaids are not meant for help in organising a wedding. No, the ladies had to protect the bride from angry spirits. They would have spelt on the bride on the marriage day. Nowadays, we are no longer so afraid of angry spirits, but mature adult girls are again very trendy. It is a nice way to involve the most important girls in your life at your wedding. Moreover, how practical: bridesmaids can help in organising and preparing your wedding. It also produces beautiful pictures.

The Ooutfits Since not everybody likes the same, let alone the same, it may be difficult to wear each bridesmaid wearing the same dress. However, there are plenty of excellent alternatives. You can choose one …