Beautiful Wedding Costumes With Unique Flair

Beautiful Wedding Costumes With Unique Flair

Eccentric, refined and elegant: these are the wedding clothes of Carlo Pignatelli. These are outfits for the groom who are best described by one word: the dandy. The 2017 collection is elegant, romantic and perfect for grooms with flair.

The name Carlo Pignatelli has been synonymous with high-quality craft and stylish masculinity for years. For the 2017 groom collection is played with traditions and the costumes are new interpretations of beloved classics. The Carlo Pignatelli collection consists of two lines: Ceremonia and Sartorial Wedding Collection. Discover what makes these collections so unique.

Cerimonia Collection
The 2017 Ceremony Collection focuses on men who are watching out. Refined costumes with unique details and a close fit guarantee guaranteed for an unforgettable entry. This year the focus is on first lap and collar. From upstanding collars to scarves: there is a significant variation. Also in the collection are the classic dinner jackets and Jaques: solid, floral design or with particular geometric minidresses. Regarding colours, the collection has chosen classic tones such as midnight blue, ink blue, ivory, metal grey and black.

Sartorial Wedding Collection
Exclusive materials, love for detail and unique materials: these are the features of the Sartorial Wedding Collection 2017. The collection is inspired by the styles of London and consists of double breasted jackets and carefully matching fits. Absolute gaze and highlight of the collection are the polka dots: the dot pattern used in many models in different ways. The colour palette varies from classic dark grey to black to his navy blue and moss green.

Stylish Centerpiece
Which costume you choose: With Carlo Pignatelli, you can be assured that you as a groom earn a spot in the spotlight next to your bride on your big day.

Tips for your bachelor party

 It is officially your last night as a single. Then you can jump out of the tire! Here you will find tips for the organisation, but especially many ideas for an unforgettable party.

Do you like a challenge and a healthy dose of adrenaline? Then enjoy yourself with one of these activities. You are guaranteed high stories about it!nEver wanted to tear into an Aston Martin? Go for a day on the circuit in Zandvoort. Make your water sports dreams the reality and go rafting, tubing, hydro speed, body boarding or flow boarding. Go snowboarding! There are several indoor ski slopes, including Snow World in Zoetermeer and Landgraaf. Would you rather go up than down? Then go on the challenge of a climbing wall. Alternatively, do you live in an outdoor climbing park? Go for a weekend and go mountain biking and abseiling in the Ardennes. Also fun (if you are not laustrophobic): caving, or exploring caves. There are many more fun activities: powerboats, bungee jumping, indoor parachuting, paintball, laser games, a beach rugby or volleyball workshop. Enjoy!

Of course, there's nothing wrong with spending your night with your best friends. However, your bachelorette party is a special occasion, so make a spectacular evening by.
Combine a tasty dinner with a whiskey tasting.
Organize a pub quiz, divide your friends into groups and see who has the most knowledge at home; about sports, music or you.
Beer lover? Take a tour of a beer brewery. For example, take a look at the breweries of Heineken in Amsterdam, Brand Beer in Wijlre or Hertog Jan in Arcen.
Nice, fun and educational: do a barbecue, sushi or cocktail workshop!
Is a high tea a little too girlie? Then make a large beer or great wine.
Steak lovers noticed! Find a steak restaurant with a dining match. Take the challenge and see who can work the biggest steak inside.

Your bachelorette party is the perfect excuse to discover new experiences and explore new places. See traditional Dutch activities. Go Fier-Jeppe N, ride a ride or play a jar of boreen golf where you have to hit the ball with a wooden stick on a stick. Success.
Make an internal city trip and go to Maastricht, Groningen or Haarlem for example. There you will find a right mix of activities, delicious food and an excellent nightlife.
Have you always wanted to put a graffiti tag? Learn the basic techniques and make your work of art during a graffiti workshop.
Prague: one of the hotspots for singles parties. The beer is cheap, and the nightlife is great. Other nice European destinations: Barcelona, ​​London and Antwerp.
Do a GPS tour or a City Game. With a GPS system you will find fun and unusual places, complete your quests and try to beat your friends.
How is your poker face? Discover it during a poker tournament. For example, go to Holland Casino or choose your location.

Additional tips
Your bachelorette party stays (if it is right) until the last moment a complete surprise. Then hope it is fun too! Because what if your day fails? One way to avoid disappointment is to ask one or two of your best friends if they want to organise your bachelorette party and give them some tips on what you would like and do not like. Of course, the final plan remains a surprise, but you can do some influence.


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