Fashion Trends: Super Hip Groom For Your Wedding

Fashion Trends: Super Hip Groom For Your Wedding

We love fashion! You as a wedding couple are likely too, but the choice for a marriage suit can be tough. For inspiration, we have therefore selected some great trends for you as a groom, which may make a decision a little easier.

1. Let's shave!

Very popular among grooms: A barber shop visit to cut and shave their hair and beard. Just relax, after which your picture appears perfectly with your bride and on the wedding photos.

2. Smile, mica, glare

Spotted for you: shiny fabrics! These give your suit a luxurious look. To show that you are the groom, choose a gilet with a separate print, colour or type of fabric.

3. Skinny pants

Slim posture? Go for skinny pants! It is also hip in the groom fashion, and you can wear a sweater, shirt or blazer after your wedding.

4. Puike print

The print is the new black! From flower to death head prints; just what you like. For example, Cleofe Finati at Archetipo has a broad range of print packages.

5. Vintage style

With many bridesmaids, the old style is trendy. Is this your theme too? Combine your suit with a matching hat.

6. Striking pocket or corsage

Nice to know: Choose a beautiful suit with a big hat, so pick a big pocket or a big corsage so that the balance in your look does not look.

7. Smashing shoes

Wedding shoes with a knit colour or striking print are also super trendy. Well important: Let your shoes match the colour (s) of the rest of your accessories and your suit.


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