Yes, Also for The Men: Handy Care Tips

Yes, Also for The Men: Handy Care Tips

No, do not click right away, mister! Not only your beautiful bride, but you can also use some beauty and relaxation tips for the big day. However, then in a man proof way of course.

Believe us: Also, as a man, you should come to a wellness centre. Moreover, yes, with friends it is also very nice, relaxing a day and having fun in the sauna and the hot tub. In Finland, where the sauna was invented, all groups of friends are cosy together to sweat. Moreover, convenient: because of that heavy sweat and you lose much waste.

Hair stylist
Your styling for the big day falls or stands with a right hairstyle. Therefore, think about how you want your hair at the wedding. The best is to go to the hairdresser for about seven days before the wedding. This way you have the time to get used to your new hair in style and put your hair on the big day itself, but does not look so cut off.

Even more fun than going to the hairdresser is a visit to a hip barbershop. Especially if you have not only her hair but also the proud owner of a beard and a moustache, such an old school reunion salon is recommended.

An annoying side effect of your shave is the ingrown beard hair. Painful and non-photogenic. The bumps are often caused by shrinking too short. This happens earlier if you shave wet than when shaving with a shaver. Shave dry, so!

Glossy 2
Other tips to prevent ingrown beard hair: Do not shave daily, but by day, keep your shaver clean and do not shave against hair growth. Do not underestimate the usefulness of a good aftershave: it disinfects your skin.


We would like to remind you that the year 2016 is fully accepted to take a manicure as a man, making your hands and nails look clean and well-kept (a pre-closure ring). You can do that at a nail salon, but you can of course also get started. By regularly lubricating your hands in the run-up to the wedding, cleaning your nails and looking at them, they look good.


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