Marrying By Grace Kelly

Marrying By Grace Kelly

She was a star, Hollywood star and her marriage to Prince Rainier III of Monaco is known as the first fairy tale marriage of the twentieth century. We are talking about Princess Gracia, of course: Grace Kelly. Read here how to provide your wedding anniversary with a touch of Hollywood glamour à la Grace.

The marriage of Hollywood actress Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III of Monaco is labelled as the first fairy tale marriage of the twentieth century. Moreover, their romance is rightly a fairytale. The couple met in 1955; the year Grace wins an Oscar for best actress in The Country Girl. While Grace is in an American delegation at the Cannes Film Festival, she receives an invitation by Prince Rainier for a photo shoot in his princess. The couple keeps in touch, falls in love and finally marries in 1956 in Monaco. Their marriage is a complete Hollywood production. For example, the dress is designed by Helen Rose, costumière at MGM Studios, where Grace is an actress under contract, and the entire wedding is filmed and directed by MGM.

Iconic wedding dress

On her wedding day, Grace wears one of the most famous bridal gowns of all time. Her high-closed lace dress impresses many brides. Moreover, still! With a beautiful tight body with pearls, a spectacular bell shaped silk skirt and a long veil; Grace is a picture. Her cover is made of almost 83 meters tulle combined with lace. For her dress, nearly 275 meters of old Belgian side and 138 meters of silk, taffeta and tulle are used. She also wears a bible that is specially decorated with pearls, so that he fits nicely with her dress. With this dress Grace's time is far ahead. The materials used for her dress are still reflected in the current fashion show collections.

Dream appearance

Grace was and is a dream come true for many, and the 'Grace Kelly look' is synonymous with natural beauty, elegance, class and simplicity. Something that many brides also want to radiate. You do this by drinking much water, enjoying a real time (Grace swam for example) and not smoking. Where Grace has also known for her is her famous Grace Kelly Roll, with the hair rolled up and stuck on the back. You also saw Grace often with a chignon or a flat knot. These are still great bridal caps!


Just like Grace, give your bride an extra touch of glamour with a beautiful pearl necklace. Moreover, coloured lips may not be missing. Grace often chose reddish: the colour of love and so perfect for your big day. Nice!


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