Thus You Celebrate A Bridal Shower!

Thus You Celebrate A Bridal Shower!

From honeymoon party to honeymoon: your wedding can not be celebrated many times. From the USA there is a celebration of happiness that we warmly encourage: the bridal shower! On the big day, everything is about you as a wedding couple and in the months before it is all about the big day. It is an exciting, fun and busy period. So it may just happen that you have less time for your friends. Really sorry, do not you think? They found that in America too. That is why they called the bro shower.

On this day, you need your best sizes for a laid-back day before breaking the wedding-hectic. If you think this suspect looks like the bridal shower of yours, you are right. The bridal shower is indeed derived from the bridal shower. However, we live in an emancipated country. So if those women plan a nice relaxing day for themselves, can your friends and you like that as well? Alternatively, even better!

Bro Shower vs Bachelor Party
The perfect timing for your bridal shower is about four to six weeks before your wedding. Where you often go well during a honeymoon party, a bridal shower is meant for some relaxing activities such as speciality beers tasting. A bridal shower is therefore very suitable to invite your (clean) father next to your best friends. This is also the perfect moment for personal gifts and last minute advice to the groom. Should you still need that last one?

Let's do this!
During your bridal shower, you will do exactly what you like as a group of friends to do. Whether you like to play basketball, play a Fifa tournament or have a good barbecue and whiskey tasting, it is all possible. The primary purpose of a bridal shower is to enjoy the evening with a big smile on the couch. Moreover, there's only one rule: no girlfriends allowed!
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Groom Jesse Baked His Own Wedding Cake
You are getting married and you are a confectioner: is there nothing more fun than baking your own wedding cake? That was also thought of the 26-year-old Jesse from Sliedrecht.

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"I'm a baker at Voordijk bakery in Ridderkerk and I wanted to make the most beautiful cake of my life! Because Leontien and I have been together for almost ten years, it was no surprise to me that I would make our own cake. We had discussed it several times, but of course it was very special that I finally did it. "

A little wood, a little bit of love
"We searched the web for cakes that matched our wedding theme 'Hout'. We then encountered a picture of a cake with a wooden disc underneath and flowers on it. With a few adjustments it really became our cake. Our florist Jeanette made flower pieces for which they used the same flowers as for the corsages and the bridal bouquet. And Leontien made the word "love" on top of the cake. "

Hope it turns out fine
"Caking the cake was very exciting: I did not want to spoil him of course. It had to be a top piece, really perfect. I was lucky that my colleague John, who has a lot of experience in baking bridesmaids, wanted to help me here. I was very happy with the end result: I think it's the most beautiful cake I ever made. My wife was very happy too! And he also fell in love with our guests. "

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"When I looked back at preparing our wedding, there were several items that I liked. Finding my suit for example and the search for the wedding car. But baking my own wedding cake: that was quite special. And I'm glad that this special event has been recorded by our wedding photographer so I can look back. "


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