Wonderful Guests, Beautiful Wedding

Wonderful Guests, Beautiful Wedding

Did you think that only you want to look stunning on your big day? Think again! Also, your guests, and especially the female, will like to take a wedding proof outfit. Share this article especially with your mother, sister and your friends: they will be grateful to you!

A clothing prescription can help your guests to determine their wedding outfit. However, be careful, you have dress codes, and you have dress codes: the themes are 'classy pastel' or 'black tie' regarding clothes that are easier to fill than 'farm chic' or 'dress to impress'. Make it easier for your guests by clarifying a (cryptic) clothing policy with an additional rule explanation or a few sample photos.

Day Shopping

Make your most important female guests enjoy a party and go shopping together for the wedding outfit. True? Many bridal fashion stores also have wedding dresses on special clothes for the guests. Also, several shops are specializing in occasional clothing and possess the finest creations from home and abroad.

Matching Shoes

If you have a beautiful, colourful outfit, then you will also want the perfect shoes. Elsa Colored Shoes not only finds beautiful models; almost all the shoes from the Rainbow Club and Rainbow Couture collections can be coloured in any colour. For more information, visit www.elsacolouredshoes.com.

Trend: Bridesmaids

Adult bridesmaids are almost unthinkable at American weddings, and in the Netherlands, it seems to be the idea of the stylish bridesmaids. Super friendly and super practical. Your friends, sisters and cousins can help you with the organisation and preparation of your wedding. Moreover, even on the day, their help comes in handy. Think an extra few hands on dressing, receiving presents, assisting in the photo shoot idea!

Clothing Tip: Choose one model dress in different colours or determine just one colour (group) and let the bridesmaids look for various types of clothes.

The Classics

What are you wearing the formal dress codes? Particularly for the female wedding guests, we will put them in a row:

White tie: The most formal clothing requirement: a great gala dress with (tasteful) low decolleté and gloves over the elbows.

Black tie: wear an elegant long or semi-floral dress, gloves are not mandatory. The decolleté remains modest.

Cocktail: This is a dress code where you can wear a short, festive dress. Style him off with some fabulous shoes and eye-catching jewellery.

Tenue de Ville: This clothing prescription means 'city clothes'. Here you can wear a dress to the knee, but also a beautiful coat. A panty is a must!

Wondering what the men wear? Then see the rubric, Groom.


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